E. E. Nobbs’ shed


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cabin solarize

Everyone knows

that trolls are ugly with indeterminable
personality disorders & that

they cause trouble. I have a nest of them
living under the plywood floor

of my garden shed. I’m guessing
they’ve been coming out

at night & stealing sunflowers seeds
from the bird feeder.

My favourite trowel’s gone missing
and someone’s dug up the tulips.

But as long as they don’t
get into the house—start chewing

on computer cables, leaving faeces or
attempting identity theft—

perhaps we’ll be able to co-exist
somewhat peaceably…

eenobbsBorn in the decade of the last century when Elvis’s career was getting underway… And I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada, which is where I’ve spent almost all of my life, as an “Islander”. The prize for winning the Doire Press Second Annual International Poetry Chapbook Contest (2013)  was the publication of my first poetry collection,  The Invisible Girl  which is available to order directly from me. It’s been a wonderful experience working with the great folks at Doire Press.