Reading at University of Kent book launch

Did I Tell You? Children in Need 2010

Reading at the Launch of Did I Tell You?

Poetry and Motion raises thousands for charity

Did I Tell You? 131 poems for Children in Need. A book of poems, illustrated with drawings by local school children and featuring contributions from poets such as Andrew Motion, has raised enough money for 537 children living in poverty to experience their first Christmas party.

Based on the theme of childhood, the collection, Did I Tell You? 131 poems for Children in Need, was officially launched at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus earlier this month. It has so far raised £2,686 for The BBC Children in Need Appeal.

The publication was compiled by current University of Kent student Nicky Gould and former student Vicky Wilson. The pair were inundated with responses after posting an invitation for submissions in the local press and online. Vicky explained: ‘We expected to attract local poets and hoped to get at least one or two well-established poets.

‘We had the idea of inviting a few well-known names to contribute and they then passed on the word and soon we had submissions from Andrew Motion, George Szirtes, Vicki Feaver, Catherine Smith, Ruth Padel, Myra Schneider and a host of others.

1 thought on “Reading at University of Kent book launch”

  1. Thanks for introducing me to the work being done by Word Aid . I have a copy of “Did I Tell You?” and it arrived in a timely fashion through the mail – even all the way over here to Canada. I’m enjoying the poems (lots of poems!) and the artwork (sketches by kids :).

    And I’m enjoying the video at the link above – the readings at the opening. I enjoyed the chance to see and hear you do your reading. Since I couldn’t be there in person, a video is the next best thing.

    Elly x

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