Sold My House

Just had to share this… nothing to do with writing except the new house has an excellent room for a study!

I feel a bit disloyal to this one, somehow I am betraying it. I am typing this really quietly and am not moving my lips in case it can lip read. Not that I usually do that sort of thing, I just feel it might catch me out if I am not careful. It’s done me well, like a run up to the real thing, I’ve flexed my muscles here.

But there is only so much decorating to be done in a small house and I think hanging the photo of Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard from Brief Encounter made me think, I too should move on. I want to feel so terribly, terribly heppy too. We’ll ignore all the sad bit for now.

So move over number 4, make room for 31 (and 3 add 1 is indeed 4) good omen there me thinks.

1 thought on “Sold My House”

  1. Hey!! Congratulations. Very very exciting. And YES, if it has a study with lots of room for a desk and more bookcases and a comfy chair or two and it’s own window, then YES, I’m betting it IS and WILL BE indeed about your writing, reading and thinking … 🙂 Maybe you can post us before – and after photos.

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