Hogmany Haiku

So, tonight’s the night for the Hogmany Haiku in Edinburgh. Ten of Scotland’s well-known poets Don Paterson, John Burnside, Kathleen Jamie, AL Kennedy, Janice Galloway, Alan Spence, Andrew Greig, Robert Crawford, Jackie Kay and Edinburgh Makar Ron Butlin have been commissioned to write a haiku – an early celebration to mark the date: 1.1.11. Their haikus will be projected on big screens tonight.

Haikus were invited for the Hogmany Poetry Celebration, the winner receiving a cheque for £111 and free tickets to a KT Tunstall concert. Have you had ago? Too late for the competition, but maybe a project for New Year’s Day, if the thumping headache will allow it.

I remember one New Year’s Eve opening the door in a pub to let the old year out. The pub owner wanted to shut it and I yelled, “It’s open to let out the old year.” “Oh,” he said “What old dear?”


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