Caroline Carver

Caroline Carver: Featured Poet


Unpredictable as my sister’s shadowed face
the clouds are playing house again

building castles for giants;
there’s a beach framed by mansions

of extraordinary beauty      the sun plays hide and seek
among Roman villas in terminal decline

and the giants are planning a ball –
soon the great yachts and cruise-ships will come

dispense their passengers at the doors
of these dream palaces

although the coastline has already moved crab-ways
into new countries   new continents;

oceans puff and fill
perhaps dragons are stirring underneath

as we enter a world wrapped by Christo,
(to this day I have a small fragment of cloth

clipped from the Pont Neuf)       But look!
the cloudsea is no longer calm

the tumbler of gin in my sister’s hand
clicks its castanets of ice;

our pilot acknowledges turbulence;
the plane begins its slow    measured descent

First published in ARTEMISpoetry


Caroline Carver is a poet and promoter of poetry and poetry events, especially in Cornwall.  She started her conscious life in Bermuda and Jamaica, came back to school in England, and then moved to Canada. She now lives in Cornwall, rummaging through the memory bank as she writes. She’s a National Prize winner, poet-in-residence at Trebah Gardens, a Hawthornden Fellow, and has published three poetry collections. See more of her work at:

photo credit: Lyn Moir

3 thoughts on “Caroline Carver: Featured Poet”

  1. What a trip you take us on in this poem. I like how you tie in the sister at the beginning and end. I love that first verse. And the turn of “But look! /the cloudsea is no longer calm” which suggests more than just the plane descending. Thanks. Great poem.

  2. Your shifting from houses to cruise ships, dragons to Christo enacts that dream like state of detachment from any kind of normality that flying produces in my mind. It’s a poem with a free centre, anchored by the sister’s face and her glass of gin. Love it!

  3. I’m just back from a trip abroad involving several flights with window seats and can totally relate to these cloudscape descriptions! I love the great yachts and cruise-ships that will dispense their passengers at the doors of dream palaces – such a gorgeous, languid image… It’s a beautiful poem Caroline, and as Elly mentioned, beautifully pinioned to reality with the sister at each end.

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