Mr Luczinski Makes a Move by Peter Daniels

Daniels has a string of publications to his name (Smith/Doorstop, Vennel Press, Mulfran Press Minatures,) his latest, Mr Luczinski Makes a Move from Happenstance (£4.00). Of the 28 poems in the pamphlet, three are winners: The Representatives won the Ledbury competition in 1992; The Pump won the TLS competition in 2010 and Hat and the Pan won the Ver Poets in 2010, so it is no surprise to discover Daniels has a full collection coming out from Cardiff based Mulfran Press later this year.

In this collection the reader is dragged along streets, on trams and trains and then to forests, rivers, oceans. The urban is lonely, invisible, the part of one’s life that is lost; the rural is always just a little out there, a place to be when the secret pain becomes unbearable, but the loneliness is never filled:

“You can attend to each arising moment,
an edge where you stand that gives
back-country behind you, and rough ocean
to launch across, when you finish with land.”

{All you need}

This dual persona offers the unusual and the philosophical, shows us the solitariness of existence and the way things might have been. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek, other times terribly painful, he shows us all of life:

“The city loves us however we’ve failed; it’s a great heap
of love, of lovable people, truth and respect
held in banks of integrity, streets covered in glory and fame
but also with dogshit.”

{The naked city}

Mr Luczinski reveals what is at the heart of the collection:

“In this incarnation, his tweed suit
is not quite threadbare enough.

He hasn’t lost his sense of direction but
it has nowhere to take him.

Somewhere at the end of this line
is a field of dandelions and a bluebell wood.”

{Mr Luczinski takes a tram}

HappenStance is an independent poetry press originated and run by Helena Nelson. It specialises in poetry pamphlets. It has no public funding. It does, however, have a group of loyal subscribers and readers. The best way to get to know more is to subcribe. A subscription to HappenStance entitles you to the annual Chapters of the HappenStance story, plus a free pamphlet — and following that all sorts of bits and pieces during the year: subscribe here.

The press mainly publishes first collections from UK poets (there are exceptions). They are based in Scotland, and each year a couple of the publications are by Scottish or Scotland-based writers. Most of the poets, however, live and work in other parts of Britain.

Look at their site for some really helpful information. I think what’s particularly good is their list of recommended poetry magazines and links to those sites.


1 thought on “Mr Luczinski Makes a Move by Peter Daniels”

  1. Thanks for the review. I enjoyed the excerpt from Peter’s “Mr Luczinski Makes a Move”. Intriguing. And I love the artwork for the collection too! And thanks for the introduction to Happenstance. I’d heard the name before – but never visited the web site. I’m impressed. And want to find out more. I really like the idea of chapbooks. So I’ve signed up for a subscription – as you say it’s probably the best way to properly find out what they’re about.

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