Snow Child

My new collection is out in November from Pindrop Press. Some (kind) people are saying the sort of thing I’ve pasted below. If you’d like to be a kind person please go to: Pindrop Pressand bag yourself a copy.

The launch is at the Phoenix Artists Club on November 15th at 7.30pm.

And one kind person says…
Abegail Morley’s Snow Child gifts us bold, unflinching, memorable poems, dazzling in their precision and clarity. This is a poet who faces life’s wonders, complexities and losses head-on, and invites us on a lyrical journey which will, at times, take our breath away.  Catherine Smith

“Intensely personal poems of love, desertion, obsession, written with great skill and delicacy yet with a disturbing sparsity and uncanny detachment. Snow Child is a captivating and impressive collection.”  Malcolm Carson

“At the heart of Abegail Morley’s powerful second collection is a deep sense of loss. The poems work at countering that loss with tangible visceral images that both disturb and sing with their own gorgeousness. Morley has captured just what it feels like to be living inside a skin so thin, the sun burns right through in all its lucid glory.”   Helen Ivory

1 thought on “Snow Child”

  1. My gosh… my sense of anticipation and excitement is increasing FAST!!!

    Uncannily…your book “Snow Child” is coming the same month of the year that we Canadians usually get our first taste of snow…

    Can hardly wait to see your book 🙂

    Elly x

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