All I want for Chrismas is…..

…time and space, and the dexterity to make extra days happen when the Calendar won’t budge.                 Helen Ivory

….good health and happiness for my family, and some sales of my just published (Shoestring Press) collection of short stories; ‘Sing to Me’. As my eightieth birthday is nigh, it may well be my final offering!                 Derrick Buttress

….a kinder and less divided world in 2012.                    Catherine Smith

… a new government.                 Vicky Wilson

… to have the idea for a perfect poem on every one of the twelve days! Is this going to be like the joke where everyone asks for world peace except me?                 Jo Hemmant

…. some glowing winter days, to spot the dark fur of the roe deer and the blush on the undersides of squawky redwings and, in the long darkness, to see the glittering of stars and then to come inside to a log-fire burning in the grate with my far-flung family sitting safely beside me.                Rebecca Gethin

… is an end to violence against women (and a decent bottle of fino                              wouldn’t go amiss).              Katrina Naomi

is the pleasure of once more believing that a new start will solve everything, next time round. Or if you’d accept a sentence that doesn’t begin that way:

In Częstochowa, Poland, the home of the Black Madonna, a donkey that lives in a creche in the monastery grounds, year-round, is always really happy when he’s joined at Christmastime by companiable cows and sheep.                     Caroline Carver

…. a merry Christmas for everyone – may we marvel in as many ways as we can, and find as many ways as possible to share our marveling with each other.               Elly Nobbs

…is a season ticket for the Group of Seven – autumn, winter, spring and summer.                Stephen Boyce

… peace effervescent as pink champagne; tolerance wrapped in tender-hearted tissue and time to slow down.                Tina Cole

… silence and great music to play into the silence… and a Christmas Eve that slows right down, so I can go on and on anticipating…      Clare Best

… a new mayor in Toronto. And some snow; a white Christmas would be nice for a change.                Ayesha Chatterjee

… FOR ‘GIRL POWER’ TO MEAN MORE THAN THE CHANCE TO SELL EXPENSIVE CLOTHES. Oh, and world peace and a new Ipad.                  Sarah Salway


all of you,
less now than
we were, maybe soon less again,
a day will come when other calls than
coming home to here will be important – there
will be others with whom you’ll share this day and
this home too, may not be here, further on who knows? for now
I raise my glass, pause, remember, enjoy, look forward with all of you,

Emer Gillespie

… Grace by Esther Morgan, inspiration for some wintery poems and a large measure of sanity.                Melissa Lee-Houghton


1 thought on “All I want for Chrismas is…..”

  1. Great idea for a joint post, Abi. Seeing the wonderful variety of “sentences” from people makes me think of what I just read in another blog yesterday. The author(Michael Dylan Welch) is talking about haiku but I think it can apply to any sort of shared writing: “…More important, though, I hope everyone continues to write and enjoy haiku, and share it with each other as a means of emotional and experiential connection. By sharing haiku, we make ourselves vulnerable to each other, even if just slightly, and this shared vulnerability has the potential to bring us closer together. I find this to be one of haiku poetry’s most endearing and long-lasting attractions….” http://www.thehaikufoundation.org/2011/12/19/hopes-for-american-haiku-in-the-next-year-by-michael-dylan-welch/ Keep up the good work, Abi -I look forward to reading your blog again in 2012. Thanks.

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