Mario Petrucci: Featured Poet


how does


fragrance of sleep drift

this easily through


rooms– as though

your resting had keys to


every chamber whose

open doors i


cannot step

through– i lie


alert & breathe spare

room breath & in


my casing

form you   warm &


close   who slumber

farther from sense than


how would i

know?– perhaps that


shape a world might

have or


a home

if it woke from sleep &




Ecologist, PhD physicist and Royal Literary Fund Fellow Mario Petrucci is a multi-award-winning writer and residency frontiersman, the only poet to have held residencies at the Imperial War Museum and with BBC Radio 3. “Reminiscent of e.e. cummings at his best”, his work is “vivid, generous and life-affirming” (Envoi). Whether exploring the tragedies of Chernobyl or immersing himself in heartfelt invention,Petrucci aspires to “Poetry on a geological scale” (Verse). He is four times winner of the London Writers competition and three times winner of a Sheffield Thursday Poetry Prize. He has won prizes in the National Poetry Competition, is recipient of a PBS Recommendation, and holds the Bridport Prize, the Frogmore Prize, a Silver Wyvern Award, the Irish Times Perpetual Trophy, the Essex Book of the Year (Fiction) Prize (2000-2002), the 1995 and 1996 Edith Kitt Memorial Awards, an Arts Council England Writers’ Award and a New London Writers Award. Heavy Water: a poem for Chernobyl(Enitharmon, 2004) secured the Daily Telegraph/ Arvon Prize and “inflicts… the finest sort of shock, not just to the senses, but to the conscience, to the soul” (Poetry London). It is the basis of a celebrated film by Seventh Art Productions. i tulips (Enitharmon, 2010) takes its name from Petrucci’s vast Anglo-American sequence, of which the waltz in my blood (Waterloo, 2011) is also a part. Now on target to reach 1111 poems, these “modernist marvels” (Poetry Book Society) embrace contemporary issues of searing social, linguistic and personal relevance via Petrucci’s distinctive combination of innovation and humanity. http://www.mariopetrucci.com


3 thoughts on “Mario Petrucci: Featured Poet”

  1. What a stunning poem – just a few lines and the goose pimples started prickling my neck. I shall read it over and over again and know that each time I will discover something new. Thank you so much for letting us read this.

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