Karen Dennison

Karen Dennison: Featured Poet

Moon Landing

Your belly is rounded, palimpsest of moon.
Feet-up, you wait, eyes scanning the flickering screen.

The grainy transmissions are like the silvered crater
of my skull, the muffled chambers of my heart.

Through egg-shell skin, I see
a hazy light, turn like a heliotrope.

As he takes his momentous step, you feel
me kick. We're almost weightless, he and I,

suspended between worlds. But I resist
the pull of earth, the first breathless glimpse,

begin one last slow-motion somersault,
not yet ready to breathe for myself.

Born in 1969, Karen Dennison’s passion for poetry began in her early thirties. Her poems have been published in South, Orbis, The New Writer, Ink Sweat and Tears and poetrywivenhoe 2011. Karen won the Indigo Dreams Collection Competition in 2011 and her first collection, Counting Rain, is published by Indigo Dreams.

7 thoughts on “Karen Dennison: Featured Poet”

  1. Beautiful poem. I love the title and how it holds it together, you feel kind of breathless reading it. Thank you Karen and Abegail x

  2. Fantastic poem Karen – one that always makes me catch my breathe. I love the ‘last slow-motion somersault” – can almost feel it. I’ve been reading your collection today – so well worth waiting for. I wish you all the best with it. And thank you Abi for posting this – great stuff.

  3. Beautiful, Karen. Quite astounding the way you connect these images. Congratulations on your new collection. My copy’s on its way to me. Thanks for posting Abi.

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