The 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition

The 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition


Get poetical! Details from Gareth Whieldon

Bingo is already rich in tradition when it comes to poetry, with its rhyming number names and the verse-like cadences of the bingo caller in full flow. However, our Poetry part of the Creative Corner is currently looking a bit thin on the ground when it comes to bingo poems.

That’s just not good enough, and we’d like to change that and make it full to bursting with loads of poetry on the subject of our favourite game. That’s why we’ve launched the 1st Playing Bingo Poetry Competition, to give you the chance to win some nice prizes and us the chance to fill our poetry section with your work for all to enjoy.

Competition Entry Details

Fancy entering? Here’s all you need to know. Please read the terms and conditions thoroughly, to ensure your eligibility to enter the competition and win one of the prizes available.


On offer are the following prizes for the winning entrants:

  • 1st Place – £150
  • 2nd Place – £100
  • 3rd Place – £50
  • All entered poetry will be featured on this site in the Creative Corner Poetry section.

Poetry Theme

The theme for the poetry is “Bingo”.

What you choose to write about is up to you, as long as it is bingo related. It could be a humorous piece, a romantic piece, an emotional response to the act of playing bingo, or whatever comes to mind. It could be about the game itself, the people playing it, the places it’s played, the paraphernalia or whatever, as long as it has a link to the game in all its forms.

We’re not looking for a particular type of poetry either, it could be a ballad, an ode, whatever suits your writing and compositional style.

Poem Length

The minimum length for the poem is 10 lines or 200 words, the maximum length is 40 lines or 1000 words.


All entries must be in English.


Judging will be done by the editorial team of Playing Bingo, a number of whom are published writers and final judging will be decided by our guest judge Fawzia Kane, who’s current collection is available via the Waterloo Press.

Entry Fees

There are no fees as the competition is free to enter (1 entry per person). We would however like to ask that if you do have a blog or a website, that you share a link* to the competition for other budding poets (*completely optional!)

Previous Use

All entries must be original and unpublished (in print, digitally or on the web.) All entries whether winning or not will be published on the Playing Bingo website.

Competition Closing Date

The final date for entries is the 31st of October 2013.

Submitting Your Entry

Please make sure that each entry includes the title of the piece in the file but not your name and details. No more than one entry is allowed per person. All entries must be sent as a Word .doc or .docx file. Please add your name and address details to the email your entry is attached to.

Email entry to: poetry@playingbingo.co.uk

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