Lightship First Poetry Book Prize 2013


Lightship First Poetry Book Prize 2013

First Poetry Book

Are you an aspiring poet who wants to write a full collection of poems and get published? Write the first 20 pages of poems and enter Lightship Publishing’s latest competition, First Poetry Book, for a chance to win the dream prize of every poet – to be discovered, and then mentored for a year to produce a full book of 50 poems.

Expert Mentoring

Imagine getting priceless feedback from three poets over the course of a year while you complete your collection! That is what you get if you win First Poetry Book. You will receive three professional mentoring sessions over the course of a year from each judge: Helen Ivory, David Wheatley, and Alessandro Gallenzi.

Get Your First Poetry Book Published

If, after the mentoring process, your finished full length book manuscript is as brilliant as your first submission of 20 poems, Lightship Publishing will publish your book, and your mentors may become your champions by endorsing your work.

Winning First Poetry Book really is a fantastic publicity platform to launch your debut collection and achieve the critical acclaim.

First Poetry Book Launch Date

Lightship First Poetry Book 

First Poetry Book Deadline 30 June 2013

The deadline for all First Poetry Book entries will be 30th June 2013. So, why not get writing some poems right now?


•  Any entry submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for consideration.

• Submissions should be the original work of the poet, unpublished in chapbook form, and must not exceed 20 pages. We will not accept adaptations or translations from other pieces of work. Entrants must own all rights to the work submitted.

• First Poetry Book is an international poetry competition, open to writers of any nationality writing in English above the age of 16. There is no restriction on theme or style.

• You can enter First Poetry Book on-line, or by post. No entry form is required. If you enter by post please include your name and address on a separate sheet of paper along with the title of your entry.

• You can enter as many collections as you wish. One fee per collection of 20 poems. Poems may be of any length. Long poems may take several A4 pages. More than one poem per page is acceptable.

• Please do not put your name anywhere on your First Poetry Book entry. All judging is done anonymously. Entries with names on them will have to be disqualified. If work is disqualified no refund will be given.

• First Poetry Book entries cannot be altered or changed after they have been entered.

• The winning entry must be available for publication, and must not have been published as a collection previously. If enter your work into other competitions and win, please notify us and withdraw your submission. Where work is withdrawn, entry fees will not be refunded.

• Copyright remains with the winner, but Lightship reserves all worldwide rights to the winning collection for 12 months after publication. (Individual poems from the collection may of course be published elsewhere in this period.)

• Please note that notification of receipt of entry will come from your payment processor (Paypal). No correspondence will be entered into once you have submitted your work.

• Entries will not be returned under any circumstances.

• We reserve the right to disqualify any entry if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the entrant has breached any of these Rules.

• We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrant entering the First Poetry Book Competition.

• We will act in accordance with current UK data protection legislation in relation to your personal data.

• The judges’ verdict is final. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into. We reserve the right to amend these Rules where it is deemed necessary to do so or where circumstances are beyond our control. Any changes to the Rules will be posted on the Lightship website.

• We reserve the right to not award the First Poetry Book prize, and to cancel the publication, where circumstances are beyond our control, or if the judges’ overall verdict is that the level of entries is not up to the required standard. In the very unlikely event of the competition being cancelled, entry fees will be refunded.

• We reserve the right to change the panel of judges.

• We reserve the right to edit and rewrite (working with the author) the winning entry for the publication.

• Submission of entry is taken to be an unqualified acceptance of these Rules.

How to Enter Online

Online entry costs £20

Online entries will only be accepted if entered through the Lightship website. Please do not send your entries as email attachments.

All judging is done anonymously so please do not put your name on your entry, please. Your work will be automatically linked to your name when you enter through the website.

The cost of an on-line entry is fixed at £20 Sterling. Conversion to your local currency will be done automatically by your credit card company, according to the exchange rate at that time.

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    1. opens on 1st July 2013 and closes at midnight on 30th June 2013. Any entry submitted after the deadline will not be eligible for consideration.

      This doesn’t seem quite right

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