Vanessa Gebbie

Vanessa Gebbie Featured Poet

Vanessa Gebbie was one of the poets we commissioned to write a piece inspired by the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the Royal Academy in March. EKPHRASIS invited a number of poets to create work based on this and further details can be found here. (Copies of the anthology can be ordered here). It was great to work and perform with Vanessa, so I asked her if she would consider being a featured poet. Obviously she said yes! I am delighted to include the two poems below.
Vanessa Gebbie

Under duress, stone gives
up its constituent parts.
Ancient shells, sediment
filled, crystalline. These
shells fell gently, a rain of
mollusc debris, landed
in the near-silence of
seabed crepitation, the
ceaseless whisper of silt.

First published in The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (Matter Press)



Immensi tremor oceani
in memory of John OLeary

They say it takes a wave
three days, travelling east,
Newfoundland to Allihies.
They say a wave is the child
of the wind, a perturbation
of water’s equilibrium.
They say a wave marches
on its stomach.
They say a wave is home to
Mother Carey’s chickens – Mater
Cara – who shelter in the lee,
dancing on the water’s surface,
never to return to land once
they have mastered the art of flight.

Winner, 2012 International Troubadour Poetry Competition

Vanessa Gebbie is a novelist, short story writer, poet, creative writing teacher and editor. She is author of one novel, two collections of short stories and a poetry pamphlet. She is also contributing editor of a creative writing text book. Vanessa Gebbie

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