Poetry News Members’ Poems Competition – ever had a go?


Ever had a go? Jill Munro did. Here’s what happened…

‘Cimsagro’ was published in Spring 2014 edition of Poetry News, one of the Members’ Poems selected by Daljit Nagra on the theme of ‘Looking Back’. Daljit commented on his selection: ‘In a sense, ‘looking back’ is the most obvious theme of all; consider Wordsworth’s attitude that poetry is “recollection in tranquillity”, or Yeats’s notion of poetry as a “quarrel with ourselves”. Both regarded poetry as a ground for exploring lived experience. My favourites of the entries were often those that did not feel overburdened with information … I was pleased to find a witty poem about a wildly sexual experience on a boat: ‘Cimsagro’ in which the poet captured, through heightened language, the saucy mood’.

Jill says ‘I enjoy reading Poetry News and also writing to prompts, so their regular Members’ Poems competitions are appealing. Guest judges, free entry and a respected outlet all add to the interest!

I’d had the title for this poem spinning about in my head for some time, after a friend told me about a boat they’d seen with this name – it had taken me a little while to work out what it meant – backwards, of course! Not everyone reading the poem has ‘got’ the title’s meaning, but many have said it doesn’t really seem to matter as it’s the mood which is evocative. The title suggested the main theme and also the sound of the word itself, albeit a neologism, took me off on a Tahitian island adventure.   The ‘Looking Back’ prompt seemed to fit the poem, a ‘recollection’ and a backward glancing reference to the title.’




3 thoughts on “Poetry News Members’ Poems Competition – ever had a go?”

  1. Ha! I needed the heavy hint to “get” the title :-D. Now you’ve reminded me that I haven’t finished reading through my latest copy of Poetry News!!!! Must check out the next prompt and deadline – hope I haven’t missed it!! Thanks for the nudge, Abi. Oh and I must go and find the poem “Cimsagro”. I obviously need to read more closely. Hope this teaches me a lesson!!

  2. Ha! Ha! ( I can’t seem to stop saying “Ha!”) – Just read “Cimsagro” – glad I checked back and see that you’ve included it . A nautical poem indeed. Don’t feel so badly now that I see that the speaker in the poem had to be told too 😀

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