What’s on your doormat?


Last week a friend and I visited the Grayson Perry display, Who are You? currently running at the National Portrait Gallery. The display ties in with the TV series and what I liked most about it, well one of the things, was the way you had to find the pieces by following a map. Having them spaced out gave you time to breath and really take in each exhibit. Probably my favourite piece was a £10 note tapestry with the Queen looking like (in Grayson’s own words) “your auntie”. What I immediately thought when I looked at his portrait of Britishness “What a fantastic writing exercise for my students”.

Grayson Perry tapestry

So how lucky was I when a copy of Playing to the Gallery plopped through my letterbox? It got me thinking about the next theme for The Poetry Shed… What’s on your doormat? So poems relating to this theme can be sent to me to be posted up here after Christmas.

What else this week?


A couple of Christmas cards that made me smile, a book-shaped present I am bound to open before Christmas and Josephine Corcoran’s The Misplaced House published by Tall-Lighthouse. I thought I’d give you a taster, rather seasonal…


6 thoughts on “What’s on your doormat?”

  1. Great post & photos. Your new doorstep theme piques my interest mightily & I am feeling perkier by the minute thinking about possibilities… My copy of Josephine’s new poetry book just landed in my mailbox at home & I’m looking forward to reading it. And I almost bought the Grayson book just now but I might start by listening to his 2013 Reith lectures – http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03969vt

  2. Great theme – look forward to reading poems and finding out what IS on everyone’s doormat. I am still waiting for Josephine’s pamphlet – hasn’t arrived yet. So will have to keep looking forward to that. Grayson Perry’s Reith lectures were great – I found him really refreshing.

  3. This is a fantastic prompt, absolutely wonderful I hope you are blessed with lots of Doormat poems, its so inclusive, thank you so much for inspiring me to write a Doormat poem, and I hope you enjoy it. Much love, best wishes for 2015.

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