Winter and happy Christmas from the Sheditor

akaren Artwork: Karen Dennison



When you text, you said you’d bring a radiator key
and suddenly you’re my knight in shining armour –
you can conquer lands, slay dragons
with your sword. And I fell in love with your words,
the Yes, I have one, and the I’ll put it in my bag.
Here is my hero at the end of a phone,
texting me all the wooing words a girl needs,
now it’s winter and snowing outside.
When you left, the radiator still needed bleeding,
air locked between pipes and room:
a word, a sentence, a message.
I listened to the gasp
when I turned the key,
but couldn’t quite hear what you said.


First published in Obsessed with Pipework

6 thoughts on “Winter and happy Christmas from the Sheditor”

  1. A Merry Christmas dear Sheditor. And thank you for all you do. Look forward to many new posts in 2015. Your poem is a a hoot! And a fine & clever tale of the twists & turns of a modern day winter romance!! Leaves me wondering if there will be a part (iii) … but if so, I have no idea what will/would/could happen next. Love the image by Karen and how it works so well with your poem!!!

  2. Lovely poem Sheditor and Sheditor’s Illustrator Extraordinaire! Seems to also link in with the Nurofen for Colds and Flu ad – ! Happy New Year alll …

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