What’s on Martin Malone’s doormat?



I prise open a new year at Easter
with the big key to my green front door.

There, on the floor of the light-slatted
kitchen, a one-word note from Autumn.

Clenched in the yellow palm of dusted leaf,
your parting shot is my Spring greeting.

I throw wide the shutters, recreate the room
and stoop to pick up the twist, retrieve the script.

First published in ‘The Waiting Hillside’ (Templar 2011).    
Martin Malone is a UK based poet whose recent prizes include the 2011 Straid Poetry Award for new collections, the 2012 Mirehouse and the 2011 Wivenhoe Poetry Prizes. Runner-up in the 2013 Poetry School Pamphlet Competition, he was also short-listed in the 2012 Bridport Prize, 2011 Mirehouse Poetry Competition and the 2011 Torbay Poetry and 2010 Yorkshire Open Poetry competitions. Martin is undertaking practice-led research for a Ph.D in Poetry at Sheffield University.

7 thoughts on “What’s on Martin Malone’s doormat?”

  1. Thank you Michael. Incidentally, back in the 70’s just after Bloody Sunday we had a Michael Murray stay over with us in the north-eat for a few weeks. A Catholic parish thing.

  2. Love it! That’s exactly how I feel about messages from old leaves appearing in the spring with their “parting shot” … but you wrote a crisp poem about it!!

  3. There was an Alan Bleasadale TV series GBH, with Robert Lindsey playing… you guessed it: Michael Murray. The character was a kind of Derick Hatton type of politico.
    We get around I can tell you. Just wished I got the royalties on my name!

    Is your Templar book still available? I am tempted to a splurge!

    1. God yeah I’d forgotten GBH. Brilliant. Michael Palin good in that too. Yeah TWH still selling. You can get it via my website. New book ‘Cur’ coming out sometime this year through Shoestring. Micheal Murray….a Googlewhack adventure.

  4. This is great – love the way you get so much movement into such a concise poem. It has a mystery about it which keeps the reader wondering – I like the sense of new beginnings and throwing open the window – letting them in. Thanks.

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