What’s on Anne Stewart’s doormat?


On the doormat

this morning I have Cat 2.
Cat 2 is a 2nd-class cat.
Cat 1 1st-class cat came yesterday
in replacement for Cat 2
missing for fifteen days.

These cats are expensive
and big as lion cubs. Easy to think
I can’t stretch to two, nor is there room.
They stare each other down
from end to end of the hallway.

The air can’t move for malevolence.
Both cats claim priority. Superiority.
Cat 2 insists on recognition as Cat 1.
Cat 1 insists Cat 2 is subjugate – relegated,
due to failure. Unworthy.

I fear violence.
No mutual understanding.
No peaceful solution.
No mercy.
Morality lost sight of.

No persuasive argument will change
their thinking. I separate them,
shut them in different rooms for now,
try to imagine the honest lick
of fur not flying.

3 thoughts on “What’s on Anne Stewart’s doormat?”

  1. Love this story, told with Anne’s usual and wonderful wit. We’ve just had a similar situation, in the end cat no. 2 had to go to another home. Cats are implacable, non-backdownable, terrifyingly un-malleable, and entirely wonderful. xx c

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