Since you ask most days I can’t remember…

In a strange way, I am very much looking forward to the poems for World Suicide Prevention Day, something close to my heart. I have a stellar selection from poets kind enough to send their poems to me, and even though it is a grave subject I really feel we should mark it in some way. I have been bowled over by the poems and messages and am really honoured to share them with you in September.

I suddenly find myself at a poetic busy time. Coming up shortly is my poem at The Globe as part of The Voice and the Echo series running this summer. For those of you who haven’t quite caught up with it, they’re running a programme from 29th August to 9th September where contemporary poets have the chance to be inspired by, and respond, to other poets’ work, to “bring both the traditional canon and contemporary replies to life”. The programme is a full one: including Donne, Herbert, Blake and Hopkins and includes many responses from poets who are currently publishing and proactive today. I could list them all, but you’ll find them here: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/theatre/whats-on/concerts-by-candlelight/the-voice-and-the-echo

Upcoming in September is Prosecco and a Poet at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens where my year as Poet in Residence finds its voice in the walled garden. Such a stunning location, I hope the weather is good to us. The residency has been amazing in many ways. The people (past and present) have been as inspiring as the plants in my writing and I feel privileged to have been part of their season. If Riverhill isn’t yet on your radar and you live in the south east, make a visit: http://www.riverhillgardens.co.uk/index.html not necessarily to hear me on the 3rd but to have a look round the gardens yourself, or if you’re a dog walker take advantage of their long summer dog days.

This moves me to the Sandwich Arts Week in the middle of September when I’m reading along with other poets on Wednesday 23rd September… it’ll be a varied programme and I am told one that will be enriched by a glass of wine

I’m not sure who said “everyone takes a holiday in August” but I think we take time out to recoup, rest and reinvigorate our writing. At least, I hope that’s what I have done.

Finally, I just have to tell you I received a wonderful letter from my primary school teacher, who set me on my road to poetry…. she has just been given Bloodaxe’s Being Alive and Staying Alive. She’s 82 and looks after her housebound 92 year old husband. She says she needs them at her age… I say we need them at any age.

2 thoughts on “Since you ask most days I can’t remember…”

  1. Great posting and very inspiring – good luck with all you are doing shortly Abegail. Wish I could be at The Globe and Riverhill but alas other things prevent it. But I really enjoyed the June Riverhill day and am sure this September evening will be as wonderful. Yes, we should all use August to re-invigorate ourselves – let’s hope. Love the story about your primary school teacher – I am sure she will, like me, find so much to cherish, inspire and surprise in Being Alive and Staying Alive – something for everyone among those pages.

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