3 thoughts on “Call for submissions – closes December 6th”

  1. This should brighten up Christmas – look forward to them. I like “moderately fast” – I remember when we used to sing this at school it never came together – everyone seemed to go at different speeds. Love the page.

  2. The Candle lights

    From the hill I saw thoses candle lights they were flickering in the glass it was christmas eve in Ireland and snow lay on the grass

    Me being a boy stood with my Father as he pointed out to me you see son this is old tradition that I hope you always see

    well I grew up and finshed school to be a man so wild and free many christmas eves had passed but me I could nt see

    Til one night his room was crowded with a message loud and clear from my eyes the tears were rolling of that long forgotten year

    On his deathbed he lay breathless oh lord god can this be when my sister shouted to me get the candle can,t you see

    in one moment he had gone to join some pals of days before and that crowded room were praying for his soul for evermore

    On the back wall was a window with darker shade of glass it was here I saw his wishes but no snow lay on the grass

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