Nine Arches – hot off the press

new poetry for 2016
Isobel• Isobel Dixon – Bearings


In this wide-ranging fourth collection, Isobel Dixon takes readers on a journey to far-flung and sometimes dark places. These poems are forays of discovery and resistance, of arrival and loss. Dixon explores form and subject, keeping a weather eye out for telling detail, with a sharp sense of the threat that these journeys, our wars and stories, and our very existence pose to the planet.

Forthcoming April 2016


Julia.jpg• Julia Webb – Bird Sisters


Julia Webb’s Bird Sisters is a surreal journey through sisterhood and the world of the family via the natural world. Fascinated by the “otherness” of things, her poems expose worlds and relationships that are not always entirely comfortable places to exist, featuring transformation – both real and metaphorical: a woman wears a dress of live bees, family members turn into owls and sparrows…
Forthcoming May 2016



• Abegail Morley – The Skin Diary

Abegail Morley’s new poetry collection The Skin Diary confronts loss in its many forms with unwavering and astonishing clarity, yet there’s an incandescent thread running through every line that makes each alive with fierce and steely energy.


Forthcoming May 2016

Also forthcoming in 2016:

Primers: Volume 1.
Due April 2016, featuring poets Maureen Cullen, Geraldine Clarkson, Lucy Ingrams and Katie Griffiths
Penelope Shuttle & John Greening – Heath
Due July 2016
Roy Macfarlane  – Beginning With Your Last Breath
Due September 2016
Gregory Leadbetter – The Fetch
Due July 2016
Angela Readman – The Book of Tides
Due July 2016

‘Daniel Sluman’s new collection explores acute and chronic, emotional and physical pain (and, albeit less often, pleasure) with a raw, compelling urgency. At times playful, at times harrowing, the terrible always brims with life.’ – Carrie Etter‘Vivid and honest poems of intense experience, in which no wound is too deep to be cauterised by language.’ – Jean Sprackland

‘This is a decadent work of painstaking beauty. Its sophisticated chromatic spectrum is fevered with a minimal though striking palette of monochrome and the occasional burst of pure, visceral colour ’ – Melissa Lee-Houghton

‘In this unflinching collection, Daniel Sluman evokes raw truths at the core of personal experience … Each moment of hope they reveal is as fragile and beautiful as a lit match in a cellar.’ – John McCullough

Find out more and buy the terrible

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