Hungerford Bridge by Valerie Morton

Hungerford Bridge

A summer night –
we traipse our suitcases
to the bridge, park ourselves

amongst an assortment
of street sleepers,
squint towards

Westminster Bridge
and the lights carousing
on the Thames. Uncanny,

the lump rising in my throat
as Wordsworth rebirths
through your lips,

word perfect.
Even the drunk soldier
lowers his bottle, applauds.

Do we sleep,
like those very houses?
When the sun wakes,

we trace our way
to Charing Cross and the milk train.
Huddling close, churns

clanking behind us,
we have no further use
for words.


Since achieving an OU Degree in 2010, which included Creative Writing, Valerie has taught CW at a mental health charity. A member of Ver Poets, she hosts occasional workshops at her home and since January 2016 has been Poet in Residence at the Clinton-Baker Pinetum in Hertfordshire. As well as being published in a number of magazines, anthologies and online, she is the author of two collections – Mango Tree and Handprints, both published by Indigo Dreams Publications – http://www.indigodreams.co.uk/

3 thoughts on “Hungerford Bridge by Valerie Morton”

  1. What a well-written poem, and so cinematic. The tone is pitch-perfect — like the voice-over for a flash-back in a film.The uncanny-ness comes across strongly – helped along by the uncanny name of the bridge – which makes a perfect title. Thank you.

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