Rain by Stephen Bone


Each day the mercury crept up,
the horizon smudged with August heat,

our shirts mapped with sweat,
baked tarmac beneath our Raleigh wheels

passing gardens foxed like old prints,
dogs lolled in them indecent on their backs,

lengths of pink unsheathed;
hose pipes coiled, unused, forbidden.

Water precious as silver we shared baths
where we stopped or dipped flannels into feeble streams;

at night our skin a layer too much
as we sprawled or tangled on sepia grass.

Set To Continue, the news stands read.
The forecast held. In part.

‘ Rain’ first published by Carole Bromley for Yorkmix.



Stephen Bone has work to be featured in Indigo Dreams ‘ Sarasvati ‘.
Most recent work in Elbow Room poetry, Slim Volumes, Three Drops
From A cauldron and Picaroon Poetry. First collection ‘ In The Cinema’
published Playdead Press 2014.

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