The Trouble with Reindeer by Sarah James

The trouble with reindeer

First, the antlers’ prods. Then the eyes:
wide, cute, crowding out her spotlight.
As for the red nose…Mary can hear Rudy
sniffing loudly, closely, behind her.

All’s rosy for tapping hooves and singing
Santa’s sleigh onward, but no use for Jesus,
and Mary’s arms closing tightly on air
where there should be a special baby…

At the edge of the stage, an expectant
rustle like wings, as Miss Gee appears,
tinsel star in hand, fluttering nervously
now she’s noticed the empty crib.

Turning quickly to six-year-old Sam,
Mary grabs his shepherd’s headdress,
then cradles it in a small bundle
to her chest, “ joyful and triumphant”.


Find out more about Sarah here

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