Scent of a Woman – Catherine Graham and The Wrong Label – Helen Cadbury

Scent of A Woman

When a new love gives you
perfume for Christmas

you want to swim in it; spray it
in places you haven’t touched

in years. When you discover
it’s the perfume his first love wore

you want explosive sex
before spraying some in his eyes.


For more about Catherine look here



The Wrong Label

The Christmas I unwrapped an Eagle Annual,
there was Dan Dare, all black lines, strong jaw,
and the Mekon, slime-green, repulsive, sucking me in,
each comic strip a rush of danger, the thrill of speed.

Yet minutes in to this new found joy, a cry went up.
My brother sat with a Twinkle annual in his lap.
I fought my case, ruined Christmas with my argument,
and lost. These things happen, they said, a simple mistake.

I flicked the pages of the Twinkle Annual, its fat-faced
children smiling pink-lipped smiles, cherubic,
but I was having none of it. I spent the afternoon
plotting how to make the Eagle Annual mine.



To find out more about Helen visit her site here

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