Home Service by Carole Bromley

Home Service

Later she would say she hated Christmas
yet I remember December afternoons
at her feet in our fifties kitchen,
me with my doll, her rolling out pastry,
steaming chestnuts, or stirring sultanas
into that cracked earthenware mixing bowl,
letting me taste the mixture on the spoon,
laughing in some elusive element

she’d one day run from, thinking herself free,
forgetting the innocent happiness
of steamed-up windows, the crackling wireless
on the draining board, our Spaniel puppy
yelping, scratching at the kitchen door,
shut out, puzzled, in the frosted garden.



Carole Bromley has two collections with Smith Doorstop, the most recent being The Stonegate Devil which won the York Culture Award. A collection of poems for children, Blast Off!, will be published in spring 2017. www.carolebromleypoetry.co.uk

5 thoughts on “Home Service by Carole Bromley”

  1. i’m glad I just caught up with this one – great title, so evocative – the crackling wireless, the smells, tasting the mixture on the spoon. I would wish every child such memories. Brilliantly expressed.

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