Hogmanay – Yvie Holder and The New Year Dance – Margaret Holbrook


The dances and the flaring logs,
so fast, the heat, she had to mind
her skirt, the spit and crack,
the young men back from war,
that young lass, keen to please a lad
who’d picked her out. Highland reels,
Gay Gordons and her favourite,
the Cumberland Square Eight –
how close he’d be at times –
but then away – the flush and beat –
she’d try to keep it secret,
how it burned inside and left her
gasping, so alive. Brief kisses,
whiskey breath and smoke, till
time was called. The hall spilled out.
Through rutted tracks of snow
the long traipse home. Thick dark.
The moon. The stars. New Year.
Beneath her shawl, a spark.

Yvie’s poems have appeared on Carole Bromley’s YorkMix poetry blog (www.yorkmix.com); on Nutshells and Nuggets, and The Great Fogginzo’s Cobweb (www.johnfoggin.wordpress.com); in The Friargate Anthology; in Poems for Nepal: Hardship and Hope; commended (2014) and longlisted (2015) in the York Literature Festival Poetry.

Yvie can be contacted on 1diverseworld@gmail.com


The New Year Dance

Kiss me now
before midnight.
Before the clock
chimes and
the last strains
of Auld Lang Syne
are heard.
Kiss me now
before the Old Year
and the band
have finished playing.
Kiss me now
before anyone else
has chance to,
before everyone
kisses and greets the
New Year, while
holding fast to
soon broken
Kiss me now.

First published in Poetry Advent Calendar 2013

Find out more about Margaret here

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