Stephen Daniels

Two poems from Stephen Daniels’ forthcoming pamphlet, Tell mistakes I love them

One hand on the steering wheel


the screen sprung with light
the vibrate function alerted with each chant
was the message missing a colon

or was it your way of telling me that this was closed
I waited for a correction     a meaningful emoji
each second a social media minute     until I asked you


expecting you to lol     or haha     even correct me
with a knowing semi-colon P
reassure my twitching digits

when we first met     I warned your distracted eyes
watched every reach towards the dashboard
your fingers performing – – a silhouette from the hazard lights


you left me with a closed bracket
an unfinished spasm



Surface tension

The ocean leaves me uncomfortable,
sea-sick sway, centre of a swell. Below
my family, twisted amphibians ,
snap at intimacy, check each hollow,
staunchly defend underground ancestors.

In single file they chart currents, display
their hearse fins, each coughing obligation.
I make my way to the surface and spread-
out, thin. A drifting imposter looking
up. I float and savour the nausea.


These poems appear in Tell mistakes I love them forthcoming from V. Press


Stephen Daniels is the editor of Amaryllis Poetry ( and Strange Poetry ( websites. His poetry has been published in numerous magazines and websites, including The Interpreter’s House, Ink Sweat & Tears, And Other Poems, Obsessed With Pipework, The Lake. His forthcoming Pamphlet ‘Tell mistakes I love them’ will be published in 2017 by V. Press. You can find out more at @stephendaniels

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