In a universe of infinite possibilities… by Jane Sharp

In a universe of infinite possibilities…


I am a green budgerigar trapped in a metal cage,
I flap my green wings in frenzy, flustered, flightless: fearful
of that other bird head that continuously attacks,
as though I were Prometheus. It’s eternal torment.

I know that this flapping, this fidgeting, this hopping from
perch to perch, draws attention to my plight, in this open
box, swinging from the top of an up-cycled lampstand.
I’m thirsty, I’m hungry, come on, Joey’s a pretty boy.


In this universe of infinite possibilities,
I am an alien flying a pre-war, post concord
paper aeroplane. Gliding in to land on a cornfield,
up to my ears in corn, reborn, fearing nothing, my wing
feathers tickling , settling down, smooth, green as a parakeet.

I know my arrival might draw attention from earthlings
so I pull a Bruce Willis (I’ve done my research) vest down
over my head, slide my legs into a pair of tight tights
till I resemble an Olympic gymnast, chalk my hands
my face, my feet – white, I am told, being better than green.


In this universe of infinite possibilities,
I am the person sitting here writing this poem, green
as the greenest of poets, flexing invisible wings,
calm as a cross-legged yogi, quiet as the space between
semitones, unruffled as a well fed budgerigar.

Yet I feel like an alien in a pair of tight tights,
just landed on earth after being regurgitated
out of some black hole of the universe. I am bespoke,
modified, evolving into the space of my future.


Jane Sharp lives near Barnsley; she has been published in The Yorkshire Anthology, and The Dalesman. Her work has been read on Radio 4. She is a member of the Poetry Society Stanza North Kent group, and Shortlands Poetry Circle. Her novel Tears From the Sun – A Cretan Journey was written during her 18-year adventure in Crete. She has just completed her second novel (not yet published). Her blog can be found at: janesharp.org

3 thoughts on “In a universe of infinite possibilities… by Jane Sharp”

  1. I love this poem – it has a wonderful sense of humour and at the same time allows the reader to identify with their uncertainties – it reminds me of the way I wake up every morning. The ‘greenest of poets’ – I don’t think so 🙂 It’s wonderful – great read first thing today. Thank you.

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