Summer’s End by Belinda Rimmer

Summer’s End

Near summer’s end
we came to race boats
across the ford at Kineton.
We carried nets, Thermos Flasks,
wore red to deter wasps: family rituals.

Today the valley thrums with insects.
Ants, like magnetic particles,
draw to the surface;
I tread them back into the earth.

Vulnerable to drought,
the ford is a cobble-stoned puddle.
A belly full of silt will slow its journey
to the Thames.
No sound; no trickle or gush.

Two horses gallop over;
a faint smell of grass and peppermint.
Sensing fear, they shy away.

In this moment – birdsong,
ox eye daisy among dandelion,
variegated light –
it’s the way someone has fixed the rotten gate
with blue twine that captures me.

This one thing: the impermanence of wood.


First published by the Gloucestershire Echo for their Poetry Page, 15th October, 2016


Belinda Rimmer has been writing poetry for several years. Her poems have appeared in magazines, including, Brittle Star, Dream Catcher, ARTEMISpoetry and Obsessed with Pipework. Other poems have appeared on-line: Cloud Poetry, Picaroon Poetry, Ground, Writers Against Prejudice, along with others. A few poems have been accepted for anthologies too. To her surprise, she recently came second in her first ever Poetry Slam for World Book Day. She is studying for an undergraduate module in Poetry Writing at the University of Gloucestershire with poet Angela France. Her website is: www.belindarimmer.com


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