The Bridport Prize closing date 31st May


International open competition founded in 1973. Poetry Category: 1st prize £5,000 / 2nd prize £1,000 / 3rd prize £500 plus ten highly commended awards of £100. Poems max 42 lines.

Poetry Judge Lemn Sissay. The winning and highly commended poems, short stories and flash fiction are published in an annual anthology. Winners are notified in September and the results will be published on the Bridport prize website on 21 October 2017.

It does cost a whopping £9 per poem to enter….!!



Lemn says, “It feels difficult to say what I am looking for in your poems because to find what I didn’t realise I was  looking for is the experience of reading a good poem.  Except to say I want your poem to electrify me, seduce me, grip me by the neck, carry me, whisper to me and sing to me. All of these things or one of them and much more. I am in the privileged and honored position of being your reader. I come to your work with an open mind and heart in the hope that I will be moved by your words”.

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