Ayesha Chatterjee Bottles and Bones

Bottles and Bones is Chatterjee’s follow up to the 2011 collection, The Clarity of Distance published by Bayeux Arts last month. Chatterjee is celebrating her birthday today – so I just had to share this!!


The gift of Nefertem

And from the water lily,
blue as evening and as blameless,
rises the sun, dripping water
onto the horizon that is the river
and the river is glass. And the water lily
gives to the sun emptiness, which
is also thought, and a clear sea-taste,
which is existence, and the leaves
of a single dream so that
the sun may grow strong and free itself
from the river which follows the sun with
its fingers through the morning.
And the river crumbles.
And the sun grows strong,
filling the sky with its scent of perfection
both exhilarating and cruel.
And so the world is made
a thing divided,
neither heat nor purity
but a child’s musings,
already distant.


ayeshac.pngBorn and raised in India, Ayesha Chatterjee has lived in England, the USA and Germany and now calls Toronto home. Her poetry has appeared in journals across the globe as well as being featured by the (Great) Indian Poetry Collective and on the official website of Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke. Bayeux Arts published her first collection of poetry, The Clarity of Distance, in 2011 and has just released her second, Bottles and Bones, this summer. Bottles and Bones is available to buy online from indigo.ca. She is past president of the League of Canadian Poets.

1 thought on “Ayesha Chatterjee Bottles and Bones”

  1. Beautiful poem which I have been rereading and getting more from with each reading. Makes me think how everything in Nature including ourselves, our thoughts and our memories of past thoughts — is all real and all part of the whole, and all interconnected. Thank you.

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