Summer selection


you hung out with me
in long wild grass, landed
on my books, strumming

on taut strings to dazzle
my childhood through
lazy summer days



you took my breath away
with your catapults, big eyes
older than the dinosaurs –

legs fragile as spun sugar,
strong as a showjumper –
my own secret Pegasus



now tarmac covers the place
where poppies grew
I drive slowly – and there

you are – legs spinning
onto my windscreen,
defiant in sunlight.

Valerie Morton



I am fronds of green-brown dulse
Plamaria plamata
— holding fast
stuck close on stone

You are flights of silver dolphins
Delphinus delphis
— swimming fast
faring out to sea

E E Nobbs



Corn scrapes our shins.
We’ve no reason to go back.
Now you’re here, we spend summer
in fields far from our houses
where no-one can see.

We rub mud on naked arms;
put stripes across our faces
blood red clay over our noses,
tug back our hair.

We march by the river, sun scalds
our scalps, necks. From the back
I can tell you’re not a boy;
your legs are too skinny, your
hips widening gently.

You flay corn with a slender
branch of willow – air whips round
your head faster, faster, you love
the noise. Sap spills in your palm.

We thrust our feet in water,
kick until we’re soaked. Next thing
you’re on the bridge, toes over its edge
steadying yourself against the breeze.

You bend slightly, unlock your knees, leap.
You drop slowly through the air
almost as if it’s trying to catch you.


Abegail Morley

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