Coast to Coast to Coast – a journal of poetry

The pages of this wonderful little journal are hand-stitched; the covers beautifully sewn, and if you would dare to, you could slip it perfectly into your back pocket and carry it around with you all day. Just a little bit of magic in your pocket. This is my copy of the limited edition journal (No. 14).


Maria Isakova Bennett is the designer and creator, and along with co-editor Michael Brown, is already busy working hard on Issue 2.

Issue 1 of Coast to Coast to Coast was launched in Liverpool at Open Eye Gallery on August 17th. The poets in this issue are Katherine Towers, Will Daunt, Duncan Chambers, Mandy Macdonald, Isabel Bermudez, Jane wheeler, Julie Hogg, Andy Humphrey, John Foggin, Natalie Shaw, Abegail Morley and Katrina Naomi, some of whom read at the launch.

I am looking forward to finding out (in around three weeks) which poems/poets will have been chosen for Issue 2.


To find out more about this gorgeous poetry journal take a look at their Facebook page and here on Maria’s. I stole the photo below from the former… and am hoping they don’t mind.


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