Three poems from Stephen Bone

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Ariadne In Married Life

The spiral, serpentine,
the classic unicursal. Since Crete
he’s grown a passion for such things.

Each evening finds him silent
at his board, an endless perfecting
of blind alleys, falsely hopeful paths,
his dog Daedalus – in the name of Zeus –
curled by his feet.

While in my corner – all lovesickness
cured – I embroider with my flashing needle
the dear bull beast as I remember him. Snap
silk thread between my teeth.


First published in ‘ Three Drops From A Cauldron ‘ .
Also in ‘ Plainsong ‘ published by Indigo Dreams 2017.


Not out of the woods yet

Left with this, I watch
…..the scribble of your heart,

its flashed beat,
…..and I will you

to hack through branches,
…..dense undergrowth,

to reach open ground,
…..green and shadowless.


First published in ‘ Londongrip Poetry ‘ .
Also in ‘Plainsong’ published by Indigo Dreams 2017.


Cold Sauvignon

Long gone the denture pink
luncheon meat pressed
between sliced white.
The cheap red.

The moth-eaten Black Watch
rough beneath our backs; a tub
of soft scoop – forgotten about –
melting in the humming heat.

These days
you unfold a formality of table
and chairs, favour starched napkins,

Your hamper empties
baguettes, poached salmon,
Spanish hams. From the icebox
a too cold Sauvignon.


First published in ‘Yorkmix Poetry’.
Also in ‘Plainsong’ published Indigo Dreams 2017.

Stephen Bone’s work has appeared in various magazines and anthologies in the U.K. and U.S. First collection ‘In The Cinema’ published by Playdead Press 2014. A pamphlet ‘Plainsong’ due from Indigo Dreams Publishing later this year.

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