Writing Armistice is the British Army’s 2018 poetry competition


2018 is the year of national commemoration of the Armistice in World War One. Poets are invited to respond to these events, or any subject matter inspired by Armistice and to send us their resulting poems. Please remember that you can find inspiration from national and local museums nationwide, including The Museum of Military Medicine and you are encouraged to explore this resources site to start you off.

Prizes are to be awarded in several categories for the best single poem exploring Armistice in any way (eg, thematically, linguistically, formally).


The Judge


Roy McFarlane is the author of the poetry collection ‘Beginning With Your Last Breath’, published by Nine Arches Press. He has held the position of Birmingham Poet Laureate and Starbuck’s Writer in Residence and is widely published in journals and anthologies. His webpage is at www.roymcfarlane.com


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