Perseids No-Show by Steve Xerri


Perseids No-Show
i.m. FWX

They should have been here for your birthday
– like that time decades back on Europa Point
when we watched them fizzing over Morocco
in crystal air unspoiled by streetlight, & I felt
we were in a lifesize model of the cosmos
assembled round us precisely as per the diagram,
words coming easily & life running forward
on rails from that conjunction.
…………………………………This time
English cloud screened the sky & I could see
only the trail of occasional corpuscles firing hot
in ageing eyes, the wink of aircraft wingtip lights,
two-thirds of the Plough at intervals.
…………………………………………Had therefore
to imagine the commotion of this year’s crop
of star-chips flaming out as each one traced its slash
of sidereal script on night’s cupola, to kid myself
as usual that they were writing it for you.


Steve Xerri has been a teacher, musician, illustrator and web designer but now prefers writing poetry and making pottery. Published last year in Acumen, Clear Poetry, Stride Magazine, Brittle Star and The Interpreter’s House, shortlisted for the Fish Publishing competition, won the Canterbury Festival Poet of the Year 2017 competition, with two poems included in the Festival Anthology. Another poem is due for publication in spring 2018 in Ink Sweat & Tears, as well as one in Envoi.

1 thought on “Perseids No-Show by Steve Xerri”

  1. A striking poem. Brings back to me special memories of my mother & I (many, many, many years ago) looking at bright winter constellations on our way to the barn from the house – for evening chores. Thank you.

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