Food Bank poem: Lifelines by Valerie Morton

This competition raises money for Nourish Food Bank. The winning poem, by public vote, has £50 sent to Nourish in the poet’s name. Voting is by “likes” and ends 12th July 2018.



Is it

the twenty-first century, or back
in Victorian times –

no safety net for those reaching out –
where rickets and scurvy

from lack of a healthy diet
swell the misery of everyday?

No – in the now

……more shocking, the secret struggle
……with creeping poverty, leading

……to a sad line of the hungry
……in our cities, towns and villages;

……hanging heads, hidden faces
……ashamed to be seen.


no one would choose this path
rather than be fair waged

to scan supermarket aisles, select
treats their children might like for tea?


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