Belinda Rimmer – In a Museum with Frida Kahlo

In a Museum with Frida Kahlo

It comes to us all. For me it came in a museum
with Frida Kahlo in the dead of night.

Shadows fell from her paintings,
slashed my pool of light.

Frida in chains. At play with a monkey.
And in a hospital bed.

The groan of cooling walls
accompanied me to the top floor.

I glimpsed Frida again in photographs –
her long neck strained, eyebrows arched,

eyes dark as my own.

No star-filled sky or lure of Lisbon streets
could wrench me from Frida.

It was my son’s voice. How he wasn’t coming home.
Not then. Not for a long time.

It comes to us all. Missing children.
For me it came in a museum with Frida Kahlo

in the dead of night.

Belinda has worked as a psychiatric nurse, counsellor, lecturer and creative arts practitioner. She has an MA in Fine and Media Arts and a doctorate in Women’s Voices in Contemporary Poetry.

Her poems have appeared in magazines: Brittle Star, Dream Catcher, The Dawntreader, Sarasvati, ARTEMISpoetry, Obsessed with Pipework, Here Comes Everyone, Eye Flash and The Cannon’s Mouth. Other poems have been published in web-zines; one was recently nominated for poem of the month on Ink Sweat & Tears.

In 2017, she won the Poetry in Motion Competition to turn her poem into a film which has since been shown internationally.

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