Overnight by Val Pargeter


Yesterday                       trees stood     leafless
as the east wind     whipped                   the last
of autumn’s      gold     Dawn gives way
catches us         by surprise       sun’s
winter-stare                      highlights old hoar
trailing        white hair    beard     along hedgerows,
rimming             leaf’s edge.          A winter
covering                to conserve earth’s       strength

The breath           of morning mist             wraps
around sticky webs,              cradles of silver magic
disguises their strength.                Close by,
on a single thread,           the spider waits,
taut for                the tremor of its             lifeline.

Val Pargeter is a member of the Tonbridge-based Stanza group, Roundel, and is published in their anthologies. A poem of hers in Orbis was voted joint-favourite by readers. In collaboration with four artists, her poetry has been exhibited in Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks Art galleries, and she has work in two Town Poetry Trails. She reads at music and poetry events, as well as open mic evenings.

5 thoughts on “Overnight by Val Pargeter”

  1. Lovely, atmosphere poem – one that causes the reader hold their breath waiting for morning. Favourite lines are ‘trailing/white hair/beard/along hedgerows ‘.And last line ‘the spider waits/taut/for the tremor of its/lifeline’. I could almost smell that morning and feel the magic of spiders’ webs. Thanks for this.

  2. I think this is a lovely poem, very visual, atmospheric, magical … I have been wanting to find a few good poems to read to a group on the evening of the Winter Solstice: I hope I may read this one? It won’t be printed out, and I shall of course credit it. Thanks to Val for writing it, and to Abigail for including it in the Poetry Shed.

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