Where Light Falls – St Paul’s Cathedral

Thursday 24 October, 6.30-10pm
Friday 25 October, 6.30-10pm
Saturday 26 October, 6.30-10pm
Sunday 27 October, 8-10pm

The event is free.

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Using St Paul’s iconic façade as a canvas, leading creatives Double Take Projections will project powerful poetry, visuals and photography to tell the fascinating story of the St Paul’s Watch, volunteers who risked their lives to protect the cathedral during the Blitz.

As most people took refuge in tube stations and air raid shelters across London, bombs rained down over St Paul’s and the volunteers patrolled the cathedral. Armed with sandbags and water pumps, they were ready to put out flames at any moment. Their bravery ensured the survival of a masterpiece that became a symbol of resilience.

Part of Fantastic Feats: the building of London, the City of London’s six-month cultural events season.

Light projection onto St Paul's Cathedral

New poetry

Historic England commissioned two new works for Where Light Falls, facilitated by The Poetry Society and in collaboration with community groups.

Poets Keith Jarrett and Jane Commane worked with local school children, older writers, refugees and migrants with lived experience of conflict, inviting them to respond to contemporary photographs and accounts of the Blitz, and the heroic efforts of many individuals who fought to keep buildings from destruction, in workshops led by the poets. Their thoughts and creative responses steered the poets’ approach to the commission and fed into their finished work.

A man in a hat gesticulates to a woman sat beside him at a table. The woman rests her chin on her left hand and holds a pencil in her right. Around the table are two other women. Papers, pens, mugs and cups strew the table. Behind them is a window and a bookcase.
Poet Keith Jarrett at the Exiled Writers Ink workshop © Historic England

Keith Jarrett’s From the Log Book will be projected at St Paul’s, and Jane Commane’s In A New Light will be seen at Coventry Cathedral. Their words will be brought to life through cutting-edge projections, incorporating innovative graphics and archive photography in Double Take Projections’ unique style.

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