The Belfast Agreement and Brexit 28th October 2019

As we approach yet another Brexit deadline, the Irish Literary Society has banded-together with the Irish Pages journal to reflect on the Belfast Agreement of 1998 and to consider possible futures for the union, Anglo-Irish relations, power sharing and the border. The current special issue of Irish Pages is given over to reflections on the agreement.

Poets Chris Agee, Jean Bleakney and Moya Cannon join Professor Ronan McCrea and Sir Richard Needham to discuss.

The UK’s future in the EU remains uncertain, the referendum result and ongoing political turmoil leaves the country in a febrile atmosphere. Before some definitive point is reached, this selection of voices (political, poetic, academic) will consider the probity of past choices, the problems caused by the current vacuum and what comes next. The event will be followed by a sale and signing of the Irish Pages journal.

Further details HERE

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