Becoming Autumn – Jacquie Wyatt

Becoming Autumn

Every winter I promise myself
next year I’ll be out there,
become the summer, breathing
sun-cream, sweet peas
dazed by the fervour
of full sunlight, tickled
by grasses in bloom.

Drop this life of views
from fast train windows,
flashes of things
I yearn to explore, but
……….they’ve gone

Today I picked
the last roar of roses,
took them inside,
colour and scent seeping,
imperfect, blemished, fading:
all living louder
than we did before.

3 thoughts on “Becoming Autumn – Jacquie Wyatt”

  1. Hope and longing, intensity lost and captured, within a persuasive narrative of scene and imagery: ‘dazed by the fervour of full sunlight’
    ‘colour and scent seeping’ … while the poem remains, to speak …

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