Planet in Peril: An Anthology for Our Time – Ed. Isabelle Kenyon

Planet in Peril – Fly on the Wall Presspip


There has never been a more critical moment in this planet’s history. Ecosystems and species stand upon the precipice of extinction and await human action. Spurred by the urgency of the situation, Fly on the Wall Press has teamed up with WWF, The Climate Coalition, Dr Michelle Cain (Oxford University), former Derbyshire Poet Laureate, Helen Mort, and wildlife photographer, Emily Gellard, to create an anthology for our future.

“Planet in Peril” combines beautiful photography of endangered species and delicate ecosystems, with poetry designed to increase public awareness of the complex issues surrounding climate change. Photography and poetry alike reflects the damage already done to our planet and the urgency of the call to action, while the stark realities are factually laid out with the support of Dr Cain.

Planet in Peril: 20% of the profits from this book will be donated to The Climate Coalition and WWF.

When the sciences and the arts begin to work together, a powerful force is created. This anthology was founded on the belief that words have the power to change. Through poetry, photography and art, creatives across the globe, from the age of 8 to 80, have united to express the urgency of global warming, facing the facts but never losing hope.

“A new metaphor is as useful in the climate fight as a new solar panel design. We need poets engaged in this battle, and this volume is proof that in fact they’re in the vanguard!” Bill McKibben, Schumann Distinguished Scholar at Middlebury College and leader of the anti-carbon campaign group 350.org.


(Light at Night)
Kathy Zwick

Over-illumination, circadian disruption,
migrating geese fly out of sync.
Stress and headaches stalk shift workers,
dragonflies mistake shining asphalt for water.

Nocturnal animals stumble in the light,
melatonin readings jiggle out of kilter.
Environmental kerfuffles clog the headlines
as shimmering conurbations cavort in excess glitter.

Scotobiology – skyglow – light clutter
all add glitzy novel vocab.
But still, anti-oxidant levels wobble,
stutter, and dip too low.

Dazzle and disorientation balloon
way beyond our meek control.
As man-made light pollution disrupts,
old turtles waddle off the grid.

Despite all our glitzy novel vocab,
old turtles still waddle off the grid.

Our Coral Reefs
Shaula Peinke, 16

The sun has bleached our
Coral reefs, and we do
Not care. We have better things to do,
And now they’re pearly white, the colour
Celebrities in coloured silk bleach their teeth to be.

It looks lovely in their photographs, but not
Protruding from sandy planes in murky, grey
streaked waters. Like a sugar sculpture stood still
On a medieval dinner display
They crumble, and decay, until nothing is left.

They’re the colour of ceilings, now, artificial
As paint, they would not be this way
In normal circumstances.
This lack of colour is unwelcome here,
White is the brand of death, yet
The sun still steals the salmon stain, leaving
The desperate flag of surrender, pure white,
Too weak to wave,
Left unseen, ignored and alone.

This project will extend beyond print media, however. Our children and our children’s children will have to live with the potentially irreversible effects of climate change. Consequently, Fly on the Wall Press proposes a number of initiatives intended to involve and educate children of all ages in this project. School writing workshops will take place across Greater Manchester and Derbyshire initially and the book will tour a number of cities and festivals to tackle climate change lethargy.

Further details and details of how to purchase the anthology can be found at www.flyonthewallpoetry.co.uk. Workshop enquiries should be addressed to isabellekenyon@hotmail.co.uk

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