Courage at Sea – Susanna Wooderson

Courage at Sea

The sea asked questions,
I waded deeper –

built a boat to chart the fathoms,
vanished on a tide of dread.

….How long have I been lost?

I remember grass,
and sand and people,

but it’s been years since
my body met the earth.

Fears move to the surface
to feed by starlight,

I listen to the ripples.

By daylight my eyes ache
inspecting every knot and crack,

scanning the horizon,
weary of me.

I try to accept the absence
of answers, realise

….I need to reach the shore.

I could jump in,
but what lies in darkness?

Unseen monsters lick my limbs –
threaten to drag me under.

….But these are only threats.

If I do nothing, I will die.

….So I fill my lungs with air
….and use my arms and legs

…………to swim.


Susanna Wooderson is a poet based in Suffolk, UK. She studies online with The Poetry School and is mentored by Rebecca Goss. Susanna has a fledgling blog at susannapoet.com and can be found on twitter and Instagram.

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