2 thoughts on “Writing Prompt 8: books”

  1. Old books

    The smell of old books, lasting centuries
    verses on nature, war, love or God

    oral traditions keeping them alive, set to music,
    or inked on paper, passions ignited, souls revived.

    The smell that wafts over as one turns the pages
    history, culture, legends and myths a rich legacy.

    One seeks them out in antique book shops
    a foray into a long-forgotten world in books
    that outlive men.

  2. Miss Lewis

    Grammar-school Latin teacher
    and church organist

    each week she gave up free time
    for two of us who wanted to learn Greek.

    When I left school she gave me,
    an unbeliever, the Greek New Testament.

    Here it is, fifty years later,
    grey jacket showing signs of wear.

    It rubs shoulders with Salman Rushdie,
    swaps stories with Barbara Kingsolver.

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