Poems by Valentina Casadei


The dawn for the stars
the hunger for the jaws
the inertia for the steps
You’re rain on sheath
you are that word I don’t say
You disregard the vacuum rules
and eternity awaits you among the breaths


We saw the night come
with the outbreak of all your bombs
that shattered the rattle of memories
and followed the splendor maps
We saw the night come
in despair of abandon
mentin that hermitage where lives
my pity for your doctrine
We saw the night come
with open eyes, in the dark
in the bliss of your breaths
full of meaning and pale colors


Creation is impure
The ephemeral taste
that compose it
– the transparency that condemns it –
it’s a dance without veils
of perfect circumferences
and just a few shortcuts


I want to go west and see whales
in the trout shelters
Then east, in the forest
with the frost of the pods
in the ancient silence of the lush groves
The seasons follow one another
my troubles wither
the infinite spring of my seed
become a son’s word
defeated mother’s thought
In the earth beaten by the hand
in the heat of that yellow dryness
that stains the land of rainy thirsts
In the ancestral need of womb and caress


I trembled in the wake of my scattered thoughts
I stopped the summer
and the predisposition of my soul to catastrophes
in the lonely weariness of my worst day
was a distracted kick
among light clouds
and oddments of monstrous visions
of near futures
And as the insatiable bee, I existed


In the randomness of one step after another
on the road
my thought becomes
asphalt, the color of a dazzle
tints and shades of amaranth
like deserts and the dry lawn
that I walked naked
just out of the cradle
loose like a candy
randomly chosen by a faceless hand
Pine needles scratched calves of crumbs
and the navel- the ravine of the body, the mystery
of the earthlings -prayed the divers to get lost in its meanders
to swim in the body and explore it
in its uncertain finiteness
in its thin figure
fasting for years
for the loneliness of the meal
between the mirage of the day and the oblivion of the night


Valentina Casadei is a 26 years old screenwriter and author.  She has written four books: a debut poetry collection, Fragile Torment, published by Bertoni Editore (Perugia, 2018); The Inertia Step is forthcoming from Sama Edizioni (Roma, 2020); her first novel, Instant, will be published is published by Ferrari Editore (Rossano, 2020) and her first narrative poem by Seri Editore (Macerata, 2021).

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