Moinak Dutta – Mango pickle jar

Mango pickle jar

The jar under sun is filled with thin slices of green mangoes,

dipped in mustard oil, the prime attraction for us to go to terrace,
my mother’s mango pickle jar
would be the one that would keep us for hours at the terrace,
we would chew those slices which would send a flurry of aftertaste – a curious mixture of sour, sweet and pungent, added to it the burning sensation of dried chilli flakes,

‘But how could you make jar look filled? In absence of slices of
Someone amongst us would ask,
pour mustard oil – sister would quip,

then again we would climb down from terrace,
go to kitchen to collect mustard oil;

my mother’s mango pickle jar,
would give us little adventures in summer.


moiMoinak Dutta is a published fiction writer, poet, teacher. His poems and stories feature in international anthologies, magazines and dailies including ‘Madras Courier’, ‘The Statesman’ (kolkata edition), ‘ World Peace Poetry anthology ‘ ( UN), ‘Spillwords’, ‘Setu’, Riding and Writing, ‘The Indian Periodical’, ‘Teesta Journal’, ‘ Pangolin Review’, ‘ Tuck Magazine’ ‘ Duane’s Poetree’, ‘Story mirror’, ‘Tell me your story’ ‘ Nature Writing’, Oddball magazine’ ‘Soft Cartel’ magazine, ‘ Diff Truths’ magazine, ‘ Mason Street’, ‘ Narrow Road’ ,’ The little journal of North East’, ‘ Ethos Literary Journal’,’ The Literary Fairy Tales” Bengaluru Review’, ‘ Defiant Dreams’, ‘Dynami Zois’, ‘Muffled Moans’ ( a special anthology against women and child abuse, gender violence, published by Authorspress, New Delhi,) ‘Quesadilla and other adventures ( an anthology of food poems published by Hawakal Publishers, Kolkata).
He has written many reviews, notable ones are : on ‘ The Upanisads ‘ ( translated by Valerie J. Roebuck) which can be found at www.blogapenguinindiaclassic.blogspot.com and the review of ‘ The Ballad of Bapu’ ( written by Santosh Bakaya) and essays and articles on education and literature and other topics in both e- books/e – journals and as printed books/ papers (like one on ‘ Amalgamation of social media and literature: pros and cons, published by Viswa Bharati Research Centre and Sahitya Anand), ‘ Erothanatos’ ( academic and literary journal), etc;
His first full length English fiction ‘Online@Offline’ was published in 2014 by Lifi Publications, his second, ‘ In search of la radice’ was published in 2017 by Xpress Publications. He edited ‘Whispering Poeisis’ over 100 poems from 60 poets from India and abroad and published in 2018 by Poeisis.

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