Neil Fulwood – Example


I could use the example of a table,
a guesthouse, a burlap sack

or say it’s like the period of stasis
between changing trains
at an out-of-the-way station

in a foreign country, the name of the place
unfamiliar, difficult to pronounce.

Or two fully laden vehicles
in a head-on collision, the fireball
ferocious enough to force

the emergency crew
back from the point of impact.

I only know that the moments of beauty
are small and worth clinging onto
while the day-to-day of it

has drained and discouraged me,
filled me too often with anger.

I would like to use instead
the example of a hot air balloon,
the guy ropes cut, the sand bags pitched out,

the ascent serene,
the air clearer, the sky cloudless,

everything falling away,
the landscape a model railway layout,
movement almost imperceptible

and nothing to be seen
in the way of division.

I would like to think that down there
grappling hooks weren’t being swung,
sightings taken, drones launched,

that one could rise and not be dragged
back down. It would be a comfort

to believe in some form of heaven.


Neil Fulwood is the author of two collections with Shoestring Press, No Avoiding It and Can’t Take Me Anywhere, with a third title forthcoming in early 2021. He has also published two pamphlets with The Black Light Engine Room Press: Numbers Stations and The Little Book of Forced Calm. Neil lives and works in Nottingham.

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