Steve Walter – Ribosomes


Wondering where you are, among the beaten sky
broken rock, contours of distant mountains –
the tips of your fingers, all over me
from last night’s loving, now washed with water.

Not knowing quite what we’ve started,
without precaution, chromosomes divide
differences combine, begin to replicate
within, the nucleus going about its work.

We catch ourselves tripping over
the ultrasound of grasses in the breeze
following the sun and the long light
while inside, he grows.


Steve’s Dad was a poet, his Mum a watercolour artist. Steve has performed at the Brighton and Edinburgh Festival Fringes, based on his first book: Fast Train Approaching… a powerful, yet good humoured, account of life during and after breakdown and recovery. He has also shared other people’s stories in Voices: mental health survivors, carers, therapist, family and friends (both published by Chipmunkapublishing).

His second pamphlet of poetry, When the Change Came, was published by Indigo Dreams in 2016, and his long poem, Gaia 2020, is published by Making Connections Matter.

Steve continues to enjoy creative writing, has a daughter and son, stepdaughter and stepson, and lives with his wife, Liz, a physiotherapist, in Kent.

Visit: http://www.makingconnectionsmatter.org


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